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Rajasthan GK in Hindi part 2

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1. Who are supposed majesty of Marwar - Cndrasen 
2. Rajasthan is known as the father of the peasant movement? Vijay Singh wanderer 
3. Ravana is the only temple in northern India where? Jodhpur 
4. Rajasthan is the birthplace of Meera Bai Medta City 
5. Bhakti movement in Rajasthan who is credited with starting Gnnaji 6. Rajasthan, which had Lokdewatane war with Muslim invader Mahmud Ghazni - Goga Ji 7. The drum dance which is performed in the area JALORE 8. Where is the rule of Rajasthan Secretariat? Jaipur 9.Rajasthan Sangeet Natak Academy is located where? Jodhpur 10. Asia's biggest mandi of wool that look like? Bikaner 11. Rajasthan is the oldest organized industry? Cotton Vstrudyog 12.National Mustard Research Centre Where are you located? Saver (Bharatpur) 13. Colonel James Tod's Annals and writer of Rajasthan Antikyutij of 14. Hmmiro Raso works are what language?Sanskrit 15. Rajasthan's First Medical University Sains and where are they? Jaipur

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