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World General Knowledge Question Answer,GK Quiz

1. The largest dam in the world is located in

Ans : South America

2.What is the largest country in the world in terms of land area?

Ans : Russia

3.The country of Singapore is made up of how many islands?

Ans : 64

4.Which is the only country in the world to have a square flag?

Ans : Switzerland

5. What is the largest City in the USA in terms of area?

Ans : Juneau

6. What is the smallest country in the world?

Ans : Vatican City

7. What is the smallest country in the world?

Ans : Russia (17,075,400 km square)



8. Which of the following countries was not part of the Soviet Union in 1991?

Ans : Yugoslavia

9. The land Yugoslavia was divided into 7 countries? Which of the following is not part of the former Yugoslavia?

Ans : Armenia

10. Where would you find the Itaipu Dam?

Ans : Panama River, South America

11. In the 2008, Online Survey, which of the following is not one of the New Seven Wonders

Ans : Petronas Twin Towers

12. What is the capital of Estonia?

Ans : Talinn

13. What is the type of government of Denmark?

Ans : Constitutional Democracy

14. Where is the official home of Santa Claus?

Ans : Finland



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