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Rajasthan GK In Hindi vol 2

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51. What is the total length of the Rajasthan Aravali mountain range?
Ans. - 550 Km
52. Is the highest mountain peak in the Aravalli mountain range? (RPSC 08)
Ans. - Gurushikr (1727 m.) Mount Abu (Sirohi)
53. Snbago and the number of districts in Rajasthan?
Ans. - 7 divisions and 33 districts
54. Chhapnia famine and torture in Rajasthan which year?
Ans. - James V. 1956.
55. Monsoon rainfall in Rajasthan increases in what direction?
Ans. - Northeast to southwest
56. In winter rainfall in Rajasthan mainly occurs?
Ans. - From Northwest Hwao
57. The highest rainfall in Rajasthan is a place Konsa?
Ans. - Mount Abu
58. The highest rainfall is a district of Rajasthan Konsa?
59. Rajasthan is one of the least Jilakonsa going to rain?
Ans. - Jaisalmer
60. In June, the sun shines Lmbt in which district
Ans. - Boswaङa
61. The full desert districts of Rajasthan
Ans. - Jaisalmer, Barmer
62. Uङia plateau which is located in
Ans. - Sirohi
63. Gogunda and the central part of Kumblgdh called? (RPSC 2010)
Ans. - Bhorath plateau
64. Each area total flora of Rajasthan
Ans. - Smgov (Jaisalmer)
65. Rolling sand dunes of vast desert is called
Ans. - Dore
66. What is the maximum height of the peak of the Aravalli Range?
Ans. - Set (1597 m)
67. Konsa district of Rajasthan is the most humid?
68. Rajasthan is the most humid place Konsa?
Ans. - Mount Abu (Sirohi)
69. Rajasthan is the most dry place Konsa?
Ans. - Phalodi (Jodhpur)
70. Rajasthan is the hot spot Konsa?
Ans. - Churu
71. The coldest place in Rajasthan Konsa?
Ans. - Mount Abu
72. Konsa district of Rajasthan is the most Loo and Gale?
Ans. - Ganganagar
73. Rajasthan is the most barren and useless land the district Konsa?
Ans. - Jaisalmer
74. Konsi most gully erosion of soil in Rajasthan is the river?
Ans. - Chambal
75. Konsi Asiaki is the largest freshwater lake?
Ans. - Jaisamanda
76. Luni river water is saline, after which place? (RPSC III Gr.)
Ans. - Balotra (Barmer)
77. India is the second biggest saltwater lake Konsi?
Ans. - Sambar
78. Rajasthan is the highest lake Konsi?
Ans. - Nakki Lake
79. Who is the lifeline of Rajasthan and is fixed Mruganga?
Ans. - Indira Gandhi Canal
80. In three districts of Rajasthan which flows Banganga? 
Ans. - Jaipur, Dausa Awanbrtpur
81. Mahi - Bajaj Sagar project is spread in the area?
Ans. - Rajasthan and Madhya Pradesh
82. Gav is the ocean? (Gr II RPSC. 10)
Ans. - Dungarpur
83. Konsi flowing river in Rajasthan is fully Sbselmbi?
Ans. - Banas
84. Rajasthan is a perennial rivers Konsi?
Ans. - Chambal and Mahi
85. Banas River is the origin?
Ans. - Kmnor (Rajsamand)
86. India is the only interventional river?
Ans. - Luni River
87. Himalayan Mountains is characterized by rivers - (Gr II RPSC. 10)
Ans. - Flows throughout the year
88. Kisndi southern Rajasthan is called the Gold Line?
Ans. - Mahi
89. The refuge is home to crocodiles is called?
Ans. - Chambal to
90. What division are found in the rivers?
Ans. - Kota
91. What makes the confluence of three rivers Mmandlgdh Trivni? (Gr II RPSC. 10)
Ans. - Banas, Bedc, and Menal Rivers
92. Bisalpur dam is located on which river (Gr II RPSC. 10)
Ans. - Banas River
93. Konsi twice the Tropic of Cancer to cross the river?
Ans. - Mahi
94. Remains of the ocean saltwater lake in Rajasthan
Ans. - Tethys Sea
95. The longest river in the western desert
Ans. - Banas River
96. World's most ancient fold ranges
Ans. - Vindhya ranges
97. Aravali's highest short
Ans. - Gurusikr
98. What Jilemen northeast Rajasthan Aravali enters
Ans. - Jhunjhunu
99. Ardratm district of Rajasthan is Konsa
100. Dust-driven winds and dry in Rajasthan is called
Ans. - Lu

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