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Rajasthan GK In Hindi vol 1

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1. Which is the driest place Rajasthan ?
Ans. - Phalodi 

2. Which river separates the  Banswada and  Dungarpur in Rajasthan ?
Ans. - Mahi River

3. Where the Barethha dam is located in Rajasthan?
Ans. - Bharatpur

4. On which river chuliya prapt is located ?
Ans. - Chambal

5. Where is the origin of the river Luni?
Ans. - Come Sea 


6. In which district is the largest forests in Rajasthan?

Ans. - Udaipur 



7. Desert afforestation and soil conservation center is located where?
Ans. - Jodhpur

8. Rajsthan ka in terms of earnings in the mining sector in the country Konsa place?
Ans. - Eighth

9. Konsa district in Rajasthan is the largest producer of manganese Htu?
Ans. - Banswada

10. The country's only tungsten mine is located in the State?
Ans. - Degana Nagaur
11. Rajasthan is one of the most Felspar from which district?
Ans. - Ajmer
12. Mmando the PAL (Dungarpur), which is famous for mineral?
Ans. - Florait
13. Jamr Kotda area in which district?
Ans. - Udaipur
14. Rajasthan is the largest gypsum deposits where?
Ans. - Jamsar (Bikaner)
15. Diamond deposits were discovered in Rajasthan where?
Ans. - Kesrpura [Cittodgd]
16. Bentonait where the stores are located in Rajasthan?
17. Sonu (Jaisalmer), which is famous for mineral?
Ans. - Limestone
18. Yellow building stones have been found in what area?
Ans. - Jaisalmer
19. Konsa mineral sales price is the highest earner in Rajasthan?
Ans. - Marble
20. Where is the biggest mine of lead in Rajasthan?
Ans. - Javar
21. Black stone is found in abundance in Rajasthan?
Ans. - Sirohi
22. What percent of the country is derived from the asbestos mines of Rajasthan?
Ans. - 98%
23. Garnet is found in most?
Ans. - In Tonk
24. When Flood was introduced Opresn?
Ans. - 1970
25. When DDP was launched?
Ans. - 1977-78
26. Golden SGSY has been the inclusion of such schemes?
Ans. - 6
27. When was the beginning of Mnnarega?
Ans. - 2006
28. Kbhui beginning mid-day meal plan?
Ans. - 1997 -98
29. Dang is Konsa scope of regional development board?
Ans. - Kota and Bharatpur Division
30. Ksano small and marginal irrigation scheme by which aid is given?
Ans. - Sustentation Plan
31. How to determine the poverty line in rural areas per capita daily caloric mind is the standard?
Ans. - 2400 Caloric
32. How to determine the poverty line in urban areas per capita daily caloric mind is the standard? Ans. - 2100 Caloric
33. DT Lkdawala the formula used to manufacture what?
Ans. - Poverty Mapanka formula
34. What is the area of Rajasthan?
Ans. - 342 239 sq km (132 139 sq miles)
35. Rajasthan's geographical location?
Ans. - 23 ° 30 and 30 ° 12 north latitude and 78 ° 17 east longitude between 69 ° 30
36. What is the length of Rajasthan?
Ans. - 869 km from east to west and 826 km from north to south
37. What percent of the area is the area of Rajasthan, India? (RPSC 2nd Gr. 2,010th, 11, B.ed 05)
Ans. - 10 .41% (first place)
38. The total length of the land border -
Ans. - 5920 km
39. The district identifies the longest border with Pakistan in Rajasthan is Konsa?
Ans. - Jaisalmer (471 Kms)
40. State of Rajasthan limit seems to be the ideal length? (RPSC 2010)
Ans. - Madhya Pradesh
41. State of Rajasthan seems to be the lowest limit?
Ans. - Punjab
42. Most districts in the border district of Rajasthan which is from?
Ans. - Poly (from 8 districts)
43. Bordering the neighboring state of Rajasthan?
Ans. - Pakistan in the west, south - west Gujarat, south-east Madhya Pradesh, Punjab, Haryana, north - east Uttar Pradesh and Haryana.
44. In which district of Rajasthan slant of sunlight is greatest
Ans. - Ganganagar
45. How times the area of Rajasthan from Israel?
Ans. - 17 times larger is
46. The 1070 km long border with Pakistan in Rajasthan named
Ans. - Radcliffe Line
47. District of Rajasthan bordering the International Who - What is it? (RPSC 07)
Ans. - 4th district (Barmer, Jaisalmer, Bikaner and Ganganagar)
48. Which district of Rajasthan touches the Tropic of Cancer passes
Ans. - Dungarpur and Boswaङa through
49. In which district is the first sunrise in Rajasthan
Ans. - Dholpur
50. Which mountain range divides into two parts, the state natural vision.
Ans. - Aravalli mountain range (the 470 km long from Sirohi towards Alwar)

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